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Permanent Residency Permit – South Africa

People often talk about South Africa as a captivating blend of diverse experiences and it’s totally true! From the diverse culture of people to glorified landscapes, it offers everything, including:

  • Affordable living, 
  • Pleasant climate, 
  • Stunning beaches, 
  • Towering mountains for epic views 
  • Buzzing cities
  • And let’s not forget the mind-blowing game reserves. 

South Africa is a land of endless adventure. Now, picture yourself calling South Africa home – just like 200,000+ European expats who’ve recently made it happen! This is now possible for all individuals worldwide, with the Financially Independent Permit! So, here is an all inclusive guide to understanding what this remarkable permit has to offer and how it can make your dream of living in South Africa a reality. 

The Financially Independent Permit is the gateway of opportunity to permanent residency in South Africa, and for good reason: 

  • You are granted immediate permanent residency status
  • You then have the flexibility to retire in South Africa, more than that you can work, study or start a business
  • Once you get your permit you can enter and exit South Africa freely 
  • If you decide to leave, there are low requirements to re-enter South Africa, at least once every 3 years to maintain your Permanent Residence status
  • Living in South Africa comes with a significantly lower cost of living, compared to many Western countries.

What do I need to get the permit?

✅ A minimum net worth of ZAR 12,000,000 (€673,504), calculated as assets minus liabilities.
✅ A refundable deposit of ZAR 120,000 to the South African Department of Home Affairs.
✅ To maintain your residency, it’s necessary to enter South Africa at least once every three years after obtaining the permit

Must I bring/invest these funds into South Africa?

Just like how South Africa stands out in so many ways, there’s something special about it in this aspect too. With this permit, it is;

Not compulsory for you to invest these funds within the country
They can remain in any country of your choice
Additionally, there are no age or nationality restrictions, making it open to people from all walks of life who meet the financial criteria set by the South African Department of Home Affairs. 

Reasons why should you apply for the Financially Independent Permit

  • You are free to pursue a career, open a business of your choice, study, or enjoy your retirement with loved ones for as long as you desire.
  • This permit is permanent, so there is no need for complex visa extension procedures, making sure your stay in South Africa is endless.
  • You get to move freely within South Africa, crossing borders as often as you wish. There is no minimum stay requirement per year with this permit.
  • You can bring your family along – because who wants to be alone? Make South Africa your home, where you can create cherished and everlasting memories together.
  • Experience the same rights as a South African citizen, except the voting privilege.
  • It is significantly different from the requirements in other countries, South Africa gives you the freedom to explore without investing any of your funds in the country.. 


The Financially Independent Permit compared to the Retirement Permit

Purpose and Eligibility:

  • Retirement Permit: Targeted at individuals who wish to spend their retirement years in South Africa. It’s open to anyone, regardless of age, as long as they can show a steady passive income.
  • Financially Independent Permit: Designed for individuals with considerable financial means. It’s suitable for various purposes, including working, studying, retiring, or starting a business in South Africa.

Financial Requirements:

  • Retirement Permit: Applicants must demonstrate a monthly passive income of at least R37,000 (about €2,077).
  • Financially Independent Permit: Requires proving a net worth of at least ZAR 12,000,000 (€673,504) and making a refundable deposit of ZAR 120,000.

Residency Status:

  • Retirement Permit: Offers permanent residency along with a temporary visa valid for 4 years, which can be renewed.
  • Financially Independent Permit: Grants permanent residency immediately upon approval.

Investment Requirements:

  • Retirement Permit: There’s no obligation to invest in South African ventures.
  • Financially Independent Permit: Also does not require investment in South Africa, setting it apart from permits like the Business Permanent Residency.

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