Why having the right immigration partner is vital to your company?

South African immigration is regulated by the Immigration Act 13 of 2002 as amended in 2007 and 2011 which came into effect on the 26th of May 2014.
Over the years, as foreign business interest in South Africa has increased, many South African and/or foreign companies based in South Africa have required staff to fill certain skills shortages in South Africa or fulfil corporate requirements .

There are many scenarios where corporates are required to navigate immigration requirements to achieve short or long term human resources issues. They may need foreign employees for short term projects or for a longer period.

Corporate Immigration

As with any approach to immigration to South Africa it is very important to know what is required and what processes and timeframes are involved to effectively plan any corporate immigration solution. Our team consists of dedicated lawyers, whose global experience and knowledge combined with commercial acumen helps us easily navigate this complex area. As the Immigration rules become complex globally with changes and newer restrictions, we ensure that our advice covers more than an outline of options.

Black Pen Immigration prides itself in offering solid, practical and cost effective immigration solutions to assist companies and employers with their immigration needs by:

  • Comprehensively assessing the employer’s needs;
  • Understanding the nature of the employer’s industry;
  • Outlining solid and practical immigration solutions to meet an employer’s specific requirements;
  • Creating solid communication processes;
  • Guiding the employer through every step;
  • Providing regular progress reports.

Black Pen's Immigration approach:

  • Evaluate Company’s corporate immigration needs;
  • Offer a feasible immigration solution;
  • Manage the preparation process for each individual applicant;
  • Create clear and comprehensive communication channels;
  • Keep the company updated on immigration trends and changes in policy and timeframes;
  • Adapt to any changes in policy, approach and law;
  • Constantly seek ways to improve the process and communication with the Dept. of Home Affairs, its missions abroad and the company’s we represent;
  • Ensure that all our clients are assisted in personal manner and hold regular feedback sessions.