For foreigners who want to work in South Africa, South African immigration law holds a variety of visa options. The correct visa option must be chosen depending on the type of work to be conducted in South Africa.
Critical skills visa
Intra-company transfer visa
General work visa
Exchange work visa (<25 years)
Short-term work visa/business visit
Treaty visa
Corporate work visa
Journalist visa
Tourist guide visa
Volunteer visa
Researcher visa
Visa for teachers at an international school
Visa for visiting professors and lecturers
Visa for religious leaders
Entertainment industry
Film or advertisement productions
Painters, sculptors and writers


There are different visa options for foreign entrepreneurs and business executives wanting to do business in South Africa, or invest into a South African business.
Business visa
Short-term business visa
BRICS special dispensation

Study & Academia

There are different visa options for foreign students and academics in South Africa.
Study visa (adults)
Academic or cultural exchange
Academic sabbatical
Teachers at international schools
Visiting professors and lecturers


Spousal visa
Life partner visa
Relative’s visa
Visitor’s visa for accompanying spouses and minors
Study visa (minors)


There are two options for foreigners wanting to retire in South Africa.
Retired person’s visa
Financially independent permit


Visitor’s visa extension