South African immigration is regulated by the Immigration Act 13 of 2002 as amended in 2007 and 2011 which came into effect on the 26th of May 2014. The immigration regulations can be quite complex and the application process itself sometimes harrowing and daunting. (Long queues at the Department of Home Affairs or VfS and differing interpretations of the Act or insufficient information can lengthen and confuse the process and be discouraging.) As is the case in many countries, the demands of bureaucracy may frustrate a prospective immigrant.
Our experienced international Immigration lawyers help wide range of clients from individuals to multinational enterprises with all aspects of personal and business immigration in both inbound immigration. Our team consists of dedicated lawyers, whose global experience and knowledge combined with commercial acumen helps us easily navigate this complex area. As the Immigration rules become complex globally with changes and newer restrictions, we ensure that our advice covers more than an outline of options.

Temporary VISAS:

In most cases a person intending to relocate to South Africa will first need to qualify for a temporary residence visa.

In order to establish which temporary residence permit you must apply for, you will need to outline your intentions and/or that of your family.

Your intention may be to: Work | Retire | Study | Accompany a spouse or life partner| Operate your own business | Reside with a relative | Holiday

The South African Immigration Act accommodates the above intentions and you will have to have a specific intention to be able to find the suitable category that you may qualify through.

To know which category is applicable to you, you will need to match your intention to the relevant category. The same applies to family members who have specific intentions in South Africa.

For Example:

You: Intention: Operate your own business → Category: Business Visa

Your wife: Intention: Be employed → Category: Work Visa

Your child: Intention: Attend school → Category: Study Visa

See below an outline of all available VISA types available with more information on each.