What is it?

Religious leaders of a recognised religious organisations or denominations can apply for a long-term visitor’s visa for a period of up to 3 years.
  • The applicant must have received a contractual offer of employment by a recognised religious organisation in South Africa.
  • South African law does not currently oblige churches or religious organisations to register or to have a licencing certificate in order to operate. Depending on the type of legal entity within which the church or religious organisation has arranged itself, and depending also on whether it operates as a non-profit organisation (NPO) or public benefit organisation (PBO), it however be registered with different departments or agencies of State.
  • This visa can be renewed from South Africa without limit, but does not allow the holder to apply for a change of status to a different visa type while in South Africa.
  • Spouses and children can apply for matching dependant visas to accompany the main visa holder to South Africa.
  • This visa does not allow the holder to apply for permanent residence status.

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