What is it?

Technically, the short-term work visa is a regular visitor’s visa with a discretionary authorisation for contract work in South Africa, such as service technicians, film crews or specialist consultants. Such a visa will initially be issued for a limited period of maximum 90 days, but can then be extended for another 90 days if a longer stay is required.
  • The assignment must be on the basis of a contractual agreement between the hosting organisation in South Africa and the foreign employer
  • The assignment must be for a clearly specified project, and is only valid for activities related to this assignment. The short-term work visa therefore, does not constitute a casual or ad-hoc work visa and cannot be used in lieu of a work visa for an ongoing regular work activity.
  • Applications for such a short-term work visa require less time to prepare than long-term visas, and do not require the applicant to obtain police clearance certificates or medical certificates.
  • The short-term business visa is limited to a maximum of 180 days per calendar year, meaning that the holder may either apply for a once-off extension of the visa in South Africa, or return to their home country upon expiry of the visa and apply for a second 90-day business visa at a later stage.

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