2 Biggest Myths About Immigration Agents Busted For Good

So you've decided that it’s time to immigrate to South Africa? The first thing you have to do is to apply for the right visa. You can lodge the necessary paperwork yourself which can turn into a time-consuming headache or you can use a South African immigration lawyer to assist you with this process.

What Is an Immigration Agent?


An immigration consultant is a person that will assist and inform you during the entire process of acquiring your South African visa. The specialist is adequately trained and educated in the requirements of obtaining a visa and will direct you through your application process without difficulty.


There are many misconceptions about using the services of an immigration agency. Below we'll look at the top 2:

Myth #1: Immigration Consultants Are Expensive

An immigration consultant can help you save time and money and will inform you of which South African visa is suitable for you. The consultant will be there all the way during the entire process. Acquiring a visa can be less of a challenge and much faster employing an immigration consultant as they are aware of all the options available. Plus, if you use an immigration agent, your visa won’t be declined due to silly mistakes on the application.

Myth #2: It’s Easy to Handle the Process on Your Own

An Immigration Consultant can assist you in handling the entire process - including monitoring the progress of your application with the Immigration authorities. They understand the system as they use it day in day out, and they may conclude the preparation of your file in half the time that you may be able to complete it yourself.


Regulated Immigration Consultants are educated and informed. They are kept informed of new information and developments in the immigration field. Consultants have to complete continuing professional advancement and practice management learning.


Immigration Consultants is obliged to follow strict ethical and professional regulations. Immigration specialists are governed by a Code of Ethical Conduct that states correct procedures for their practice. The Code demands all to stick to stringent regulations, including those relating to superior service, professionalism, legal practice, and privacy. Breaching these rules is considered an act of non-compliance. It is taken seriously and dealt with immediately.

Why You Should You Hire an Immigration Consultant?


This depends on where you need one. If you require help filling in the forms or require a translation, then you should look at employing an immigration consultant. Immigration consultants can offer helpful support making your visa application far easier than doing it yourself. Consultants can get your application submitted accurately the first time around, which means that you have the very best chance of success and your application is optimised adequately.  You will be able to monitor the status of your application with your consultant and will be able to grasp everything relating to your application thoroughly.


If you need assistance from a reliable Immigration Consultant, contact one of our staff members at Black Pen Immigration today.