Immigrate To South Africa And Become Part Of The Rainbow Nation

South Africa has been through a lot in the last 23 years, Apartheid came to an end, the ANC became the ruling party, and its people became the Rainbow Nation. While we still face some challenges, we've come a long way, and we're working towards making South Africa the best country it can possibly be.

South Africa Is Diverse in Culture, Nature and Food

South Africa is classified as a Rainbow Nation because of the diversity of its people. Nowhere in the world will you find a country with eleven official languages and more diverse culture than right here. South Africa has a lot to offer any foreign national wanting to make it their home. The diversity isn't limited to our people either - when it comes to landscape and scenery, you'll be spoilt for choice. We have it all, from mountains to bushveld, beaches to deserts and rainforests.

When it comes to cuisine, you'll have more options than you can handle. Traditional South African food includes "braaivleis" (bbq), pap (porridge) and chakalaka but it doesn't stop there. Each region has its own flavour such as the Cape Malay curries in Cape Town and the Indian curries in KwaZulu-Natal. Desserts and snacks include Melktert, Malva Pudding, Koeksisters, Biltong and Drywors.

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