How To Immigrate To South Africa On A Critical Skills Visa

Many foreign nationals have made South Africa their home in recent years, and it's clear to see why. South Africa is an exceptional country with pleasant weather and a lot to offer in terms of work and business opportunities. While we have our struggles and challenges, we refuse to let it define us or negatively affect our quality of life. Apartheid is something of the past, and we aim to be the rainbow nation Nelson Mandela had envisioned many years ago.


It can be challenging to immigrate to a different country, but

if your occupation is on the critical skills list, it becomes less challenging, and chances are you'll easily find a job.


What is a South African critical skills visa?


It is a visa reserved for people with occupations on the list of critical skills needed in South African. By having a skill that's in demand, you qualify for a visa to live and work in South Africa.


Advantages of obtaining a critical skills visa in South Africa


1. You do not need a job offer to apply for this visa

When it comes to immigration, the hardest part is often securing a job from your home country. South African employers seldom hire non-visa holders without meeting them face to face. In this case, you don't need a job offer, making the process much easier.


2. An extensive list of critical skills needed in South Africa

The current critical skills list hosts more than 200 occupations. Chances are, your profession is listed, and you could qualify for a critical skills visa in South Africa. Even better, you won't have a hard time securing a job once you land.


3. You qualify for permanent residency

You automatically qualify for permanent residency if you are eligible for a critical skills visa. However, it may prolong your application period. Many people opt for temporary residency and once landed, apply for permanent residency.


4. You'll have 12 months to find a job

South Africa allows any critical skills visa holder up to one year to find a job before declaring the visa invalid. If you start a job and find something better, you have the option to switch between employers.


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