7 Reasons Why Germans Choose To Make South Africa Their Home

South Africa is a spectacular place of natural wonder, and many expats arrive here wanting to enjoy an outdoor, laid-back way of life. There are a wealth of outdoor activities, such as white sandy beaches, surfing, wildlife, winelands, mountains and hiking trails.


Below are some of the many reasons Germans choose to make South Africa their home:



South Africa is filled with excellent weather through nearly all seasons. It's not only sunny during winter months, but it's warm and beautiful during the summer months. Compared to various other countries, summers are nearly perfect. In South Africa, you are bound to have gorgeous summer days for months at a time.



The wildlife in South Africa is exceptional. Throughout the country, there are all types of amazing animals and wildlife, not forgetting the impressive Big Five. You will discover all sorts of adventures, countryside and safaris available in South Africa. The Kruger National Park, situated in northeast South Africa is among the finest spots worldwide to discover wildlife at its best.



South Africa delivers the ideal selection of beaches, animals and landscapes in a single place. South Africans are spoilt for choice, with the different choices of country and city lifestyles available. They have the finest Winelands, beaches and natural beauty that one country can offer.



South Africa is regarded as one of the adventure capitals around the globe. Experiencing countless epic adventures is possible. There is something for the whole family. You'll find anything from shark cage diving to wilderness hiking trails and much more in between. You can travel through each province and you'll still not run out of fun things to do.


Cost of Living

South Africa continues to be reasonably inexpensive compared to several western countries. The cheap cost of labour in South Africa means that expats living here will have a high-quality lifestyle and will have domestic help as the norm should they wish to. Alcoholic beverages, eating out and necessary service costs are also very reasonable.



South African food has a wide variety of influences like African, German, Dutch, Indonesian, French, Indian, Portuguese, Malaysian and Chinese. No surprise it’s been known as the ‘rainbow cuisine’. The blend of the native African population and decades of immigration has provided South Africa with one of the world’s most enjoyable and diverse cuisines.


German Community

Leaving your home country to live as an expat in South Africa is more than just getting some paperwork in place and packing up your belongings. Becoming part of the German community is an essential part of the expat experience and will help you get familiar with the South African culture and people. South Africa has an extensive German community with several German schools available for expat kids as well as German food shops and restaurants for when you're missing home.


People from all over the world choose to make South Africa their home and for a good reason! Get in touch with Black Pen Immigration to explore your immigration options.