6 Ways To Spot An Immigration Scam [Before Its Too Late]

At Black Pen Immigration, we constantly hear tragic stories of individuals who fell victim to immigration scams.

The fraudsters are callous in their acts and methods, and people in many cases are so desperate to believe the untruths offered to them, that they pay over funds, without giving it a second thought. Some even resign from their present employment, in the belief that the intended international job is genuine.

How to Recognise an Immigration Scam

  1. Be suspicious in case a job has been offered to you and no official job interview occurred. If something sounds too good to be true, it mostly is.

  2. Be cautious if you are required to pay the "agent" fees for SA Home Affairs. These fees are payable directly to the SA Home Affairs and never to any employer.

  3. Be sceptical if you're expected to pay money for immigration matters. Never present anyone with banking account or card details! Particularly not to the supposed employer who wants to pay over the funds for your (supposed) travel ticket!

  4. Ensure the business offering the employment opportunity is legitimate, by doing a background check. You can do this by asking South African friends or family, or at the minimum doing an online search, or call the company head office. A legit South African employer or immigration representative will never make use of hotmail.com or gmail.com e-mail addresses.

  5. Some individuals receive deception calls from immigration con artists pretending that they're from the South African Home Affairs. They are informed that they are being fined a specific amount and instructed to pay the ‘fine.’ They're also given an incorrect name and return telephone number of the ‘contact person at the SA Home Affairs. These calls seem to be legitimate and incredibly convincing, and the scammers will ask you to settle the penalty immediately to avoid deportation, etc.

  6. Rely on your ‘gut feeling.’ If something seems ‘too good to be true’ or if you are unsure for whatever reason, rather spend some time to investigate the situation than to get caught in the trap of these ruthless fraudsters.

Here's How You Can Protect Yourself from Immigration Scams

Be on guard. Simply because a person appears to have a lot of information available about yourself, it doesn’t suggest that they are genuine. Scammers go to all kinds of measures to get to know you, like gathering personal data online through websites and social media networks. Never provide your details to a total stranger. Scammers will make use of your details to commit identity fraud.

Black Pen Immigration would like to advise our clients that they should on no account give into pressure to provide any person or company with payments, or bank details. If in doubt, please contact your Black Pen Immigration consultant to look into the matter.