Immigrate to South Africa Without a Job Offer with the Highly Skilled Work Visa

It is nearly impossible to find a job in another country from your home country. And to be honest, it makes perfect sense since employers are sceptical about appointing a foreign national when it's much easier to select someone that's already in South Africa.

Luckily you don't need a job offer to apply for a highly skilled work visa in South Africa if your occupation is on the critical skills list. And chances are that when you arrive, you'll quickly find a job.

A highly skilled visa is reserved for individuals with occupations noted on the South African critical skills list. If your skills are in demand, you qualify for a highly skilled work visa.

There are many benefits associated with the critical skills visa in South Africa. The biggest benefit is that you do not need a job offer to apply for this visa. This makes the immigration process much easier and reduces the risk of being scammed with fake job offers.

Another advantage is that you can apply for permanent residency straight away. When you are granted a highly skilled work visa, you will have twelve months to find a job before the visa is declared invalid. You are also able to change jobs if you aren't happy with your current employer or get a better offer.

The critical skills list is broad and there are more than 200 occupations in demand. If you are considering immigrating to South Africa, first check the list to see if you don't qualify for a highly skilled South African work visa.

Alternatively, speak to the team at Black Pen Immigration. They will do a free assessment to see if you qualify for the highly skilled visa. If not, they will advise you on the visa options available to you. Once you've decided on an immigration route, they will manage the visa application for you while you get your ducks in a row for your move to South Africa.