Ensure a Successful Work Visa Application in South Africa (Hire Immigration Agents)

Visas are a complicated business, especially in South Africa. If you don't understand the terms and conditions, you might be setting yourself up for failure, costing you unnecessary time and money.

In order to apply for a work visa, you'll need a job offer from a credible employer unless your occupation is on the critical skills list. However, having an offer of employment will not guarantee a successful application since the applicant might need to meet certain requirements before they can apply.

If your application is successful, you won't be able to start working before you have your visa in your hand. You also have to work for the employer stated on your visa. If you would like to change jobs, you'll have to submit paperwork to the Department of  Home Affairs. The only time you can freely move between employers is if you are on a critical skills visa.

When it comes to renewing your work visa, you also don't have any guarantees since you need to meet certain criteria. This application will be treated as a new application by the Department of Home Affairs.

When you obtain a work visa, you can bring your spouse and dependents with. Your spouse will be able to legally reside in South Africa. However, if he/she wants to work or study, they will have to apply for the applicable visa.

In 2017, immigration laws changed. Previously you could apply for permanent residency after 5 years of working in South Africa. Now, you aren't guaranteed to qualify for permanent residency no matter how long you've worked in the country.

As you can see, work visas in South Africa are complicated. To ensure you get the best possible chance at a successful application, we advise you to get help from a professional like Black Pen Immigration. Get in touch with the team for a free assessment today.