Extending Your 90-Day Business Visa: Here’s What You Should Know

It's not uncommon to want to extend a South African 90-day business visa. Sometimes more opportunities come along or it might take longer to wrap things up than anticipated.

South African visas can be complicated, to say the least, and confusion can sometimes cause last-minute adjustments to plans or sudden ends to business trips. And since you don't want to be caught in this situation on your next business trip to South Africa, we have some advice for you.

When you apply for a business visa in your home country, the processing time is quick - at most two weeks. But, if you apply from within South Africa, you should be aware that things are a little different. A visa extension may take much longer. So, while it is possible to extend your business visa, you might want to think twice before doing so.

Processing times for any visa in South Africa are inconsistent. The Department of Home Affairs has a reputation for slow and irregular visa turnaround times. Thus, it is more than possible to only receive an outcome after your valid visa has already expired.

If your application is denied, you might be banned from re-entering South Africa due to being deemed undesirable. This ban can last up to five years and the only way to lift the ban is to appeal this status which can take months.

If you do decide to apply for an extension on your business visa from within South Africa, we advise you to do it as soon as possible. All renewals must be submitted at least 60 days before visa expiry. Which means that you have to apply for an extension after only 30 days in South Africa. For assistance with this, consider hiring immigration agents in South Africa.

For help with your 90-day business visa extension, get in touch with the team at Black Pen Immigration today.