4 South African Visas That Will Lead to Permanent Residency

More and more foreigners are looking for an opportunity to immigrate to South Africa. While there are many visa routes available, not all will lead to permanent residency. If you only want to move to South Africa temporarily, some visa options include an Intra company transfer visa, a volunteer visa or a short-term business visa. If permanent residency is your goal, the visa options below are your best bet.


General work visa

To be able to apply for a general work visa, a valid job offer from a South African employer is needed. The applicant will need to have their qualifications assessed by a South African Qualifications Authority and be able to prove some work experience in the applied for occupation.


After five years, the foreign national can apply for permanent residency if they have proof of ongoing permanent employment.


Critical skills visa

According to the White Paper released earlier in 2017, South Africa welcomes foreign nationals with an occupation recorded on the critical skills list. The applicant doesn't have to have an offer of employment; however, their qualifications need to be verified by a South African Qualifications Authority. A person who qualifies for a critical skills visa automatically qualifies for permanent residency.


Business visa

When applying for a business visa in South Africa, the intention is to start a business or invest in an already established company. To qualify for this visa, you would need to prove that you have R5 million to invest. Once confirmed, permanent residency can be applied for right away.

Study visa

While a foreign national can not apply for permanent residency while on a study visa, once studies are completed and if the occupation is on the critical skills list, an application for permanent residence will be considered. In fact, a recent graduate with an occupation on the critical skills list is welcomed with open arms, according to the White Paper.

If you are interested in any of these temporary or permanent visa options, get in contact with Black Pen Immigration today and let them help you make your dreams of permanent residency in South Africa a reality.