Get Help from Immigration Consultants to Ensure the Success of Your South African Work Permit Application

When it comes to work visas in South Africa, many people misunderstand the terms and conditions, thus setting them up for failure right away.

Below are some things you need to know before applying for your work visa in South Africa.

1. Having a job offer from a South African Employer isn't enough to guarantee a successful work visa application. There are many other requirements the applicant needs to meet before they can even apply.

2. Before you can start working for an employer, you need evidence of your visa approval. Until then, you won't be able to legally work in South Africa.

3. If you're on a work visa, you can't work for any employer if your visa stipulates a specific employer. Before you'll be able to change employers, you'll need to submit paperwork to the DHA to change the employer on your visa. In some cases, when applying for a critical skills visa, you aren't tied to an employer. Only then will you be able to freely change employers without changing the conditions on your visa.

4. Just because you have a work visa doesn't mean your spouse can automatically work in South Africa. They would need to apply for a study or work visa since your visa only allows them to reside in our country.

5. If you currently have a work visa, there is no guarantee that it will be renewed. You'll need to meet all the criteria for your visa, and the DHA will treat it as a new application.

6. Working in South Africa for five years or more will no longer guarantee that you qualify for permanent residency, as per the White Paper released in 2017. However, if you qualify for a critical skills visa, or you've graduated with a subject on the critical skills list, you qualify to apply for permanent residence right away.

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