How to Travel Abroad With Your South African Permanent Residence Permit

Travelling on a South African residence permit became more complicated in 2015 with permanent residents no longer receiving a stamp in their passport as an endorsement. They now require a permanent residency certificate to be able to travel to and from South Africa.


Needless to say, many permanent residents don’t love the idea since it makes travelling more complicated than before. Travelling already requires a lot of documentation and adding another document into the mix is guaranteed to upset some individuals.

Here's What You Need to Know About Travelling on a South African Permanent Residence Permit


  1. Always carry your permanent residence permit with you, any time you travel outside of South Africa. If you currently have an endorsement stamp in your passport, you might get lucky at border control and be granted entry without a problem or they could refuse entry as a permanent resident into South Africa without your certificate.


  1. If you don't want to carry your permanent residence certificate with you at all times, another option would be to apply for your status to be confirmed, however, this is typically a lengthy process. Keep in mind that if you lose your permanent residence certificate, it can't be reissued.


  1. Border control might accept a certified copy of your permanent residence certificate. Up to date, immigration officials have been lenient and accepted certified copies of your certificate together with your South African ID to serve as further proof of your residency. However, an ID document alone will not be adequate proof.


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