What steps must I take to change employer on my work visa?

As work visa in South Africa are issued to a person based on that person meeting specific requirements for the particular job that was offered, the person will need to apply for a new work visa and meet the requirements again to be able to work for a new employer.



Do I need a job before I can apply for a work visa?

In order to work in South Africa you will need to qualify for a work visa. In most situations you will require a job offer first and comply with a range of associated requirements such as your employer needing to show that they first made a reasonable attempt to consider a South African applicant, have your qualifications assessed and evaluated etc as is the case when applying for a General Work visa. You do not need a job offer to apply for a critical skills visa but need to secure employment within one year of entering South Africa on a critical skills visa.

Can I work on a Spouse Visa?

A person who is married to a South African citizen or permanent resident can qualify for a permit through being the spouse of a South African. This permit can be authorized or endorsed to allow the person to work upon receiving a job offer.


Can I work on a Study Visa?

If a person is studying at a higher learning institution in South Africa on a valid study visa the person can be employed part time for up to 20 hours per week.