Visit Black Pen Immigration to establish which South African visa is the right one for you!

With offices based in Cape Town and Johannesburg, Black Pen Immigration lawyers have been assisting thousands of people wishing to immigrate to South Africa for many years now, and with the global experience this team of German and South African lawyers bring to the table, you can rely on honest, open communication as they work on cost effective, tailor made solutions to make your dream of living or working in Cape Town a reality.

There are many different types of South African visas that are applicable to the various motivations that people may have for wanting to immigrate to South Africa, and Black Pen has made it very easy to understand with in-depth information available on their website, which also gives you the option to get a free online assessment that will go a long way to establishing what your visa requirements will be.

Among the different types of South African visas is the Corporate Visa, which is a visa a South African based company can apply for should they be required to employ a large number of foreign employees, either for limited projects or in the longer term. The benefits of having a company like Black Pen on your side as a partner in this situation means you can rely on effective and efficient management of all these aspects for your company, saving your company a lot of time and money while Black Pen deals with the red tape on your behalf.

Black Pen Immigration will also be able to provide you with all the information required to ensure that the corporate applicant meets all the requirements necessary to ensure a streamlined process where it comes to bringing in foreign language staff and critical skills staff.  The South African Immigration laws and regulations are in a constant state of change, and the team at Black Pen are always up to date with the latest information, ensuring the protection of the company and the staff members it requires visas for in order to avoid any unnecessary complications.

Visit the Black Pen website for in-depth information on this and other visa types required for immigration to South Africa, or contact their friendly team for expert advice about starting a successful visa application.