South Africa: Heaven For The Adventurous At Heart.

Adventure holidays in South Africa is a booming market, and the business world taking notice. There’s absolutely nothing better than having a business meeting or convention followed by a selection of exciting activities to get the blood pumping. Adventure tours are a fantastic choice for business associates visiting the different provinces of South Africa.

South Africa presents over 3 000 kilometres of shoreline in addition to spectacular mountains, often side by side. The country is a  wealthy hunting terrain for adrenaline junkies because of its varied landscape, and perfect climate for outdoor activities.

South Africa offers top rated climbing, surfing, diving, hiking, horseback riding, safaris,  mountain biking, white water rafting, and just about every other extreme sport you can think of, all sustained by devoted service providers.

The cliffs in South Africa are massive, rough which guarantees for the finest, and most distinct, mountain climbing on the planet. Even though Cape Town is primarily well gifted, the action is far from restricted to this province.

River trips vary from mostly picturesque to level five white water automatic washers.  The art of kloofing (canyoning) is yet another popular activity, with both escorted and self-guided tours being offered.

You will find hundreds of well known and not so well known paragliding or hang gliding sites listed, with schools in each and every centre. There are numerous opportunities for helicopter trips, hot air balloon flights, aerobatics, skydiving and microlight flying if you're looking for something a bit higher up.

A large number of kilometres of hiking trails can be found across the country in the desert, forests,  mountains or coastal landscapes, quite a few with mountain biking paths bordering them.

You will discover excellent, comfortable horse trails through vineyards, in the mountains and on the beach and, for the more ambitious, horseback safaris are offered in big game regions.

The 216-metre Bloukrans bridge, bordering the Eastern and Western Cape, delivers the highest commercial bungee jump in the whole world. So if you're looking for a very quick high, this is an activity you'll most likely enjoy.

You can also abseil over the crashing waves in Knysna, spend time approximately one kilometre high over the beautiful Cape Town or mix it up - abseiling and canyoning on the Storms River Gorge. Alternatively, you have an option to jump from buildings in Johannesburg or Durban.

Anywhere you are in South Africa; you can expect to find an adventure opportunity waiting just for you. So finish off with the business meetings for the day and head into mother nature to clear your mind and have some serious fun.