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The Black Pen team are specialists in South African Immigration Law and offer highly professional assistance in the application and acquisition of South African visas for individuals and families who dream of immigrating to South Africa.  Black Pen also offers a highly specialised service in providing tailor made corporate visa solutions for multi-national companies on a global scale, as well as offering streamlined corporate visa solutions to companies based in South Africa who employ critical skills or foreign language staff.

Where gaps exist is the shortage of special skills staff in South Africa, it has become common practice for South African employers and multinational companies to employ foreign staff in order to bridge this gap, and many of these companies have formed long term relationships with the team of immigration lawyers at Black Pen in order to expedite the entire process of acquiring these visas on a regular basis.

The trust placed in Black Pen is well earned, their reputation for honesty and transparent communication has made them the go-to team for these companies, individuals and families who often struggle to negotiate the immigration rules that become more complex globally as changes and newer restrictions are put in place. 

The global experience and knowledge of the Black Pen team, combined with commercial acumen makes navigating these complex areas far easier, and the support you can count on from this team in every aspect where it comes to immigrating to South Africa is outstanding.

Black Pen Immigration has become the most highly recommended immigration company in South Africa as a result of their ability to apply their experience and close working relationship with the Department of Home Affairs to expedite visa applications, ensuring that all the pieces that should be in place fit perfectly so that your visa is issued without a hitch.

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