Join the Rainbow Nation with the expert assistance of Black Pen Immigration.

South Africa truly is a Rainbow Nation which is still in its infancy; as such an emphasis has been placed on the need for special skills and foreign language staff to service international and multinational companies who have chosen South Africa to extend their operational base or to establish headquarters to service their international interests.

Although an emerging economy, South Africa still offers an excellent infrastructure which includes a highly trained labour force along with affluent and educated business acumen, which is considered on par with America and Europe.  Foreign investment is encouraged in South Africa; however, for anyone wishing to establish a new business, headquarters or foreign branch of their multinational and international business, things can get really tricky in terms of the immigration procedures.

In order to benefit from the first-world infrastructure with third-world costs, having the team of immigration specialists at Black Pen Immigration as your third party partner to rely on in order to expedite work visas and residence permits will streamline the entire immigration process, whether for multinationals or individuals.

The global experience of this team of German and South African immigration lawyers means that if you are looking for truly effective solutions to your immigration requirements, Black Pen Immigration is a team you can trust and rely on to ensure that your application for immigration to South Africa is completely up to date with all legislative changes to the South African Immigration Act.

Place your inbound immigration needs, temporary work permits or visas for critical skills, intra company transfers or general work visas in the experienced and capable hands of the experts at Black Pen Immigration with absolute confidence.