Video Interview With Black Pen Founder Nora Dawud

Black Pen Immigration helps foreigners that come into South Africa with the hopes of starting their businesses or working in major companies with different types of visa's.

The company was started in 2012 by Nora Dawud. Nora states "I saw the struggles of being a foreigner and needing to start a business in a different country, so I went on to build Black Pen Immigration."  We assist in making sure that foreigners get the best and secure stay in South Africa while being complaint to the immigration act and regulations.

Nora goes on to say, "All our lawyers are trained in South African and German law, and we also speak German to assist with foreigners that are not able to speak English fluently."  

Black Pen Recruitment does BPO recruitment and foreign language recruitment. The recruitment side works mainly with bigger call center industries and big companies that look to outsource their call centers to South Africa, they usually look for foreign language speakers e.g German speakers, Italian speakers or Spanish speakers. So we assist them to find the right people and also to understand if we need to get a visa for them.

"We are unique because we do both immigration and recruitment, we care for our clients, all our consultants are trained in legal matters and we have both South African and German workers. Our clients have said that we are very trustworthy and that we do our best with their immigration matters", Nora says.