As the South African immigration landscape changes Black Pen remains firmly on course.

In recent news developments The Department of Home Affairs has said it will push ahead with plans to establish border processing centres for refugees as part of sweeping legislative changes to South Africa’s immigration regime, which will also redefine processes leading to citizenship.  It goes further to say that the draft paper proposes, among other things, a points-based system to determine eligibility criteria for long-term visas, with an end to the process of automatic citizenship for long term residents.

These kinds of changes that occur as South Africa defines itself on a global platform means that immigrating to South Africa can be fraught with pitfalls if you are not in possession of the latest, pertinent information regarding your application to work or immigrate to South Africa.

This is where having Black Pen as your partner gives you the confidence of knowing that every step of your visa application or work permit application will be followed according to the latest changes in regulation, ensuring that the entire process is a streamlined one based on the latest developments.

Black Pen Immigration is made up of a team of South African and German lawyers who apply their many years worth of global experience in the field of immigration to assisting individual and international clients with the acquisition of specified visas as required, with a commitment to going the extra mile which has earned this successful team many long term clients.

So much unnecessary red tape and stress is avoided when you have a team like Black Pen to manage all the details with The Department of Home Affairs and VFS Services on your behalf courtesy of their experience at navigating the complex area of immigration to South Africa.

When you need a team you can depend on for honest and reliable advice as you plan your immigration, give yourself peace of mind by contacting Black Pen to take the pressure off immigrating to South Africa.