Extensive global immigration experience has made Black Pen market leaders in South Africa.

If you are planning to immigrate to South Africa and would like to avoid what can be a very stressful experience as you try to find your way through endless red tape, or the frustrations of being sent backwards and forwards in an attempt to find the right information in order to establish the visa you require to suit your purposes, you need an experienced team like the South African and German lawyers from Black Pen Immigration on your side.

With extensive global experience and an intimate knowledge of immigration laws and regulations, Black Pen expedites the entire process of immigration to South Africa for individuals and international companies looking for immigration experts they can rely on to offer the latest information and guidance, taking the stress out of the entire immigration process off your shoulders.

Changes are on the cards for immigration to South Africa, with a white paper already being drawn up which will address changes to the process of becoming citizens of South Africa, as well as considering a points-based system which will may well end automatic citizenship for long-term residents and bring in stricter measures into play in order to determine eligibility criteria’s to be determined for long-term visas.

Black Pen Immigration works closely with the Department of Home Affairs and VFS Global in order to streamline the process of immigration to South Africa, managing the administrative tasks required for the issuing of visas and passports for the South African government, ensuring that all the inter-connected  parts of the process are brought together seamlessly for their clients.

The immigration specialists at Black Pen Immigration, along with their support team working out of their base in Cape Town, bring an invaluable skill set to the table in order to assist national and international clients, both individual and corporate, to navigate the complexities of immigration to South Africa by keeping their finger firmly on the pulse of changes to legislation, offering the highest level of client service on a global basis.

Recommended as the top immigration company in South Africa by the German Consulate General in Cape Town, you can be absolutely certain that immigration to South Africa with the assistance and guidance of the Black Pen team will be a stress-free experience.