Honesty and integrity embodies the ethos and foundation of Black Pen Immigration.

Immigration to South Africa can be a disheartening challenge and if anyone understands this it is the team at Black Pen Immigration, and theirs is a consistent commitment provide you with a service excellence and expertise which will cut right to the heart of any challenges you may be facing in trying to immigrate to South Africa.

Based on the fact that most of the new clients Black Pen works with are there on recommendation from many satisfied clients worldwide, this is a team of immigration lawyers who are more than the legal terms involved in immigration, they are a support system throughout the process, from application to arrival safely and legally in South Africa.

Black Pen CEO and founder, Nora Dawud, knows full well what it’s like to stand in the endless queues at Home Affairs, going from one department to another as a result of her love affair with Cape Town, which started when she left Germany to continue her studies at the University of Stellenbosch.  In fact, the name for this thriving consultancy was born from the men who stand outside home affairs selling black pens for anyone who has forgotten that without it no form is going to be accepted!

This is where the trusted reputation earned by Black Pen Immigration started, and the exceptional standard of service provided by the team of German and South African immigration experts remains consistent and up to date with any and all changes to the South African Immigration Act, ensuring that any client, from individuals to foreign language staff and multinational companies benefit equally from their global experience.

Honesty and integrity form the backbone of this immigration consultancy, with an emphasis placed on keeping clients fully informed as the administrative process progresses, backed up by a highly professional administrative department which works hand in hand with Black Pen legal experts.

Pay a visit to the informative, user friendly Black Pen Immigration website, there is little doubt that your decision to have this team on your side will be made long before you close the tab!