Enjoy immigration to South Africa with Black Pen Immigration as your springboard.

If you are looking for a team of professionals who will provide you with up to date advice and a firm support system in order to immigrate to South Africa, Black Pen Immigration has a team of immigration lawyers from South Africa and Germany who will streamline the entire process for you, keeping an open channel of communication open in order to keep you informed every step of the way until the day you collect your visa or permit to enter South Africa.

Knowing which visa or permit you need to apply carries its own challenges, if you arrive with the wrong one, the problems you will encounter would lead to a red tape run-around which could become seriously complicated.  If in any way you do not comply correctly with your visa or permit requirements in South Africa, or overstay your visa or permit, serious repercussions range from being charged, deported, blacklisted or jailed, all of which can be avoided when you have Black Pen Immigration on your side!

With highly qualified German and South African immigration lawyers who have global experience, you will have a team with you throughout your application to immigrate to South Africa, and with a fully comprehensive range of immigration services offered, you can have absolute peace of mind that Black Pen will keep you fully updated and informed throughout your stay in South Africa.

The South African Immigration Act is in a constant state of flux as the country finds its feet on the global stage, and keeping up with any amendments or changes to the legislation could easily slip through the cracks if you do not have up to date, relevant information, which is definitely going to cloud the issue of immigration to South Africa for you.

Let the Black Pen Immigration team be your springboard for stress free entry into South Africa, fully confident that with their expertise your time spent here will one free of red tape.