Contact Black Pen for a fully comprehensive range of immigration services delivered with integrity.

The role played by the immigration specialists at Black Pen Immigration, a team made up of German and South African immigration lawyers, is to ensure that all their clients, whether individual or multinational corporation, remain firmly within the legal parameters of the South African Immigration Act and any changes that occur from time to time.

Immigration to South Africa can become a nightmare for anyone caught up in outdated, irrelevant and confusing information regarding immigration to South Africa, which is exactly how Black Pen has earned a reputation as leading immigration experts able to ensure that no client of theirs is ever caught in contravention of South African immigration legislation.

Ignore South African immigration law at your own risk, and the risk becomes higher all the time with the tightening up of these laws in an effort to keep those who are considered undesirable out of the country. This may be the land of milk and honey but trying to dodge compliance with your visa or permit will lead to serious repercussions which include being jailed, blacklisted or deported.

Black Pen was formed to be a consistent, highly effective team of immigration specialists on a global scale, in order to ensure that no client of theirs is ever caught up in anything that would result in contravening the South African Immigration Act.

The role that this team has played in assisting many happy clients to safely enter South Africa is obvious, not only as a result of their experience, integrity and honesty, but in the recommendations which are readily available on the Black Pen Immigration website.  It is here that you will be able to judge for yourself just how supportive and professional this team really is.

Taking into account that Black Pen Immigration is considered by the German Consulate in Cape Town as the preferred South African Immigration experts, as well as being members of the Southern Africa – German Chamber of Commerce and Industry, there is no doubt that this team is able to deliver on their commitment to providing a comprehensive range of immigration services with integrity.