Black Pen is always accessible to your throughout your application for immigration to South Africa.

In the world of constant changes to regulations with regard to immigration to South Africa, there is no better team to rely on for solid, cost-effective immigration services for individuals, locally based companies and multi-national corporations than Black Pen Immigration

Immigration to South Africa can be a frustrating and complex experience, especially in determining the correct administrative procedures to be followed in order to satisfy the Department of Home Affairs and the South African government, however, with the global expertise of the South African and German lawyers who make up the team of immigration specialists at Black Pen, the process of immigration becomes a streamlined experience.

With the support of Black Pen you have a team of experts you can rely on and trust to use their extensive experience, business acumen and high level of education to offer solid immigration solutions to meet the needs of your individual requirements for immigration to South Africa.  With a backup team who are equally experienced, you will find that an open and transparent line of communication is always available in order to keep you fully informed as the immigration process progresses.

Testimonials from satisfied clients are glowing in terms of the service, advice and support received from the team at Black Pen, with many having approached Black Pen after the frustration of being let down by other immigration companies, finding that the Black Pen team always made sure they knew exactly where they stood throughout their application, which in turn made these clients happy to recommend Black Pen Immigration to anyone wanting to immigrate to South Africa.

Contacting Black Pen Immigration is the best decision you could make if what you want is up to date information, exceptional service delivery in terms of cutting through the red tape paper trail that can make immigration to South Africa a daunting experience, as well as working with a team that will always be accessible to you throughout your application, offering an open, transparent and honest line of communication that is always available to you.