A vital role is played by Black Pen in corporate immigration for local and international companies.

“May I take this opportunity to thank you and your team for the hard work and professional conduct exhibited during our efforts to obtain the permit. Your clientele, care and understanding of customer needs were simply excellent. I am proud to mention that I will not hesitate to recommend anyone to Black Pen's exceptional services.”

....and this is just one example of what a Black Pen Immigration corporate client has to say about the exceptional level of experience and service offered by Black Pen Immigration, and before we go any further you are welcome to view even more of the same on the Black Pen website, which will make it clear why many corporations have chosen Black Pen as their corporate immigration partner!

As a result of the increase in foreign business interest in South Africa, the need for South African and foreign corporate companies to acquire foreign staff to fulfil corporate requirements or to fill certain gaps where there is a shortage of specific skills has also increased, which is exactly what makes it important for any company to have the right immigration partner.

Short or long term human resources issues involved in various scenarios, especially on an ongoing basis are all made easier with the global experience Black Pen Immigration brings to the table for any company requiring foreign employees.

Black Pen is committed to providing solid, practical and cost effective immigration solutions in order to circumnavigate the complex issues surrounding immigration to South Africa, paying close attention to exactly what is required as well as which processes and timeframes are involved for each company, and if any team is in a position to do this expertly it is Black Pen Immigration.

This is a team of dedicated lawyers who put their global experience to good use in order to navigate this complex area with ease, especially as changes and newer restrictions are put in place with regard to immigration rules, offering corporate companies more than just an outline of options where it comes to immigration to South Africa.

Please visit the Black Pen Immigration website for an in-depth look into the range of immigration services they are able to provide your company with as your corporate immigration partner