Visa applications simplified for companies employing foreign staff in South Africa.

Black Pen Immigration not only offers highly professional assistance the application and acquisition of South African visa and immigration services for individuals and families wishing to immigrate to South Africa, they also apply their global legal immigration experience to providing corporate visa solutions for companies in South Africa employing foreign staff.

Where any gaps exist in the shortage of skills required by South African employers, or multinationals based in the country, it has become common practice to employ foreign staff to bridge this shortage in the labour provided locally.  Black Pen Immigration, made up of a team of German and South African immigration lawyers, has developed and maintains strong relationships with many local, multi-national and international companies who require the support of an efficient team, able to provide cost effective solutions that will streamline the process of employing foreign workers in South Africa.

As South Africa grows into one of the most viable business destinations in the world for many reasons, Black Pen Immigration has taken over the complications that come with the need for multiple visa options applicable to foreign staff, which can be confusing amid the mass of red tape that generally accompanies the process, offering cost effective solutions that make using the experience of Black Pen Immigration a decision which will never be regretted.

With offices based in Cape Town and Johannesburg, the committed team of foreign staff immigration lawyers work hand in hand with a strong administrative staff contingent to ensure that you will always have honest, open communication to keep you in the loop as Black Pen Immigration works to successfully gain the necessary visas for your foreign staff, dedicated to a solutions based code of ethics.

Black Pen Immigration will welcome you to the fold of satisfied clients who have already made this team the most highly recommended Immigration Company in South Africa with a professionalism and support that will make foreign staff visa applications a completely streamlined process for your company, locally and internationally.