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Inconsistencies and a lack of understanding of the South African Immigration Act lead to a frustrating and seemingly endless search for the most conclusive and correct information with which to even start the immigration process to South Africa.

Changes that occur to the South African Immigration Act from time to time are also hard to keep up with, and unless you can understand the intricacies of these long winded legal documents, which most of us don’t, costly mistakes are bound to happen and delays can throw a wrench into any plans you have to immigrate to South Africa and deflate any optimism you may have felt at the start.

Black Pen Immigration is a team of immigration lawyers who have a wealth of experience and knowledge to offer in making sense of these changes and amendments, providing immigration services from a global perspective according to the background of these professionals.

With the wide variety of visas and permits that can be applied for depending on your reason for visiting South Africa and how long you intend to stay, having a team that constantly has their finger on the pulse of changes to South African immigration legislation on your side can only benefit you and streamline the entire process.  Knowing that you have experts managing your immigration requirements allows you to leave the comprehension of inconsistencies hard to understand in the capable hands of an honest, ethical and professional team committed to a high level of service excellence.

An important thing to note is that whether you are applying for permanent residence, a business permit, study permit or any other visa or permit that applies to your circumstances and motivations for entering South Africa, the one thing you can be absolutely sure of is that the South African Immigration Act will not tolerate anyone wishing to immigrate to South Africa with any intention of either working in or starting a business considered undesirable!

South Africa is considered a land of endless opportunities, besides which it is one of the most beautiful countries in Africa, and if you are looking for a team considered by The German Consulate General in Cape Town as the recommended immigration company in South Africa to rely on, with many satisfied clients who echo this high opinion of Black Pen Immigration, why even think about trusting anyone else with putting your immigration to South Africa together in a stress-free, cost effective manner!