Make informed decisions for immigration to South Africa with the guidance of Black Pen Immigration.

Trying to access information that is reliable and aboveboard with regard to immigrating to South Africa is very difficult, and with the various interpretations of the South African Immigration Act that abound, finding out which visa applies to the purpose of your visit to South Africa is a little like finding a needle in a haystack!

Black Pen Immigration has a team of immigration lawyers dedicated to lifting the confusion and getting right to the point with honest and reliable guidance, which has already made immigration to South Africa a pleasure for their many satisfied clients, from individuals to multinationals, providing an open channel of communication which has made Black Pen Immigration the go-to team for anyone planning to immigrate to our beautiful country.

Many applications for South African visas are rejected by the Home Affairs department as a result of the incorrect application of the law or applicants who have not gone through a visa facilitation process (VFS) in order to ensure that their application is sent to Home Affairs for assessment. Another problem that can complicate a visa application is when the VFS gives people the wrong information about which visa applies to their motivation for entering South Africa.

The team at Black Pen Immigration use their global experience to cut through all of these issues to ensure that their clients are able to confidently get their applications through VFS, paying careful attention to the information received from clients during the consultancy stage with their team of experts.

Focussed on the establishment of long term relationships with all their clients, Black Pen Immigration is committed to providing sound immigration solutions for a fully comprehensive range of immigration services, empowering their clients with all the information they need to make informed decisions about exactly what is required to immigrate to South Africa.