Reap The Benefits Of Immigration To South Africa By Finding A Job That's On The Critical Skills List

Being a nation with an expanding economy and a growing manufacturing industry, South Africa needs a large amount of skilled workers in several positions. Due to this, a lot of foreigners work in South Africa. Any individual who isn't a citizen of South Africa and who wants to work in the country has to make application for a Work Visa.

Download the Critical Skills list here. (Scroll down in the document to find the list).

Some skills and qualifications are considered to be remarkable by the South African government. A person with such skills and qualifications may receive a Critical Skills Work Visa. To get this visa, the applicant does not have to secure an offer of employment at the time of application. The legislation doesn't stipulate exactly what qualifies as remarkable, but a relevant South African company has to verify the applicant’s skills and qualifications in black and white. The Critical Skills Work Visa is valid for a maximum duration of 36 months, and an extension may be possible.

If you have a doctorate and are considered an expert in a field, plus you have published articles, this can support your application.

Critical Skills Work Visa

Critical skills assist South Africa’s economy. Work visas are not as complicated as they seem, and unfortunately, this is not realised by most businesses. If you have an employment offer and are stuck with your future employer on this point, offer to organise one of our immigration lawyers or specialists to call or meet with the company for a free consultation. They can ease any fears that the corporation may have. Firms are short-sighted, desiring only to employ a person that can start within one month’s time and who they can meet right away. Have patience when dealing with a possible employer and indicate to them the specifics of your suggested visa.

Permanent Residence

You can apply for Permanent Residence by holding a General Work Visa. Anyone who has held a General Work visa for at least five years is able to apply for Permanent Residence. You can apply straight away if you hold a critical skills work visa. It is to the applicant’s benefit to be in possession of a legal contract of permanent employment, or perhaps an offer of permanent employment, at the time of application.

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