Trust Black Pen Immigration to remove the burden of red tape that ties up South African immigration.

Falling foul of immigration laws carries severe penalties, ranging from imprisonment to deportation and South Africa is no different in this respect than any other country in the world.  In fact, because South Africa is still a fledgling democracy learning to spread its wings, South African Immigration Laws and Regulations are often in a flux, which often leads to a lot of confusion on the part of those wanting to visit or immigrate to this popular destination.

The South African Government has also become a lot more selective about those they allow to make their home in a country that is still considered a land of opportunity for many wishing to settle here, making the immigration process a lot more difficult than it ever was in the past.

Black Pen Immigration is made up of a team of German and South African lawyers who place their extensive experience and knowledge of South African Immigration Laws at the disposal of all visitors in order to expedite the entire process of applying for visas to visit, work, study, start a business or settle in South Africa.

Exhausting and frustrating issues with red tape and grey areas are taken out of your hands and handled by the professionals at Black Pen Immigration, who provide the kind of legal expertise and support that only a team of immigration experts with global experience are able to offer.

If you are not up to date with the latest changes to the South African Immigration Laws it is easy to unwittingly contravene immigration laws, but as many happy visitors to South Africa will testify, Black Pen Immigration is a team fully committed to staying up to date with the latest developments, ensuring that every client who arrives in South Africa will be doing so safely within the legal parameters of South African immigration laws.

Whatever your motivation is to visit South Africa, Black Pen Immigration is a team you can rely on to maintain transparent and open communication throughout the immigration process, relieving you of the burden that immigration red tape can place on you.