Black Pen Immigration disentangles all the legal requirements for South African immigration.

The highly experienced immigration specialists at Black Pen Immigration are on hand to assist visitors to South Africa with reliable and relevant information to ensure that you will have the required visa to suit the purposes of your visit, whether it is as a skilled foreigner, an intra-company transfer or student exchange. There are specific visas that apply to various motivations for wanting to work or settle in South Africa and it is essential to have a team of professionals who offer honest and transparent communication to smooth the way through your visa applications.

Black Pen Immigration has a team of South African and German lawyers who are experienced immigration specialists dedicated to ensuring that your visa will be strictly in line with South African Immigration Laws and Regulations, keeping you informed and up to date with any changes to these laws as they occur.

It is essential to make sure that you adhere to the strict guidelines that apply to each specific visa, especially to avoid ending up with an incorrect work visa, which if overlooked will result in repercussions such as having restrictions applied should you wish to apply for permanent residence or change your immigration status in any way.

Applying a high level of expertise, Black Pen Immigration cuts through all the challenges that often affect your ability to find the right information to ascertain which visa would best suit your plans, allowing you to enter South Africa with confidence knowing that the necessary criteria for your visa is well within the legal parameters of South African Immigration Law.

South Africa is developing at a rapid pace as a result of a solid infrastructure that is already in place making it a highly attractive business destination, and with an international team of immigration lawyers on hand who have global experience and a firm commitment to the local economic growth, immigration to South Africa has become as uncomplicated as possible.