Black Pen Immigration lifts the veil on the confusion surrounding South African immigration law.


The bureaucratic demands in South Africa which can tie anybody wanting to immigrate to South Africa in knots are more often than not a nightmare of red tape which seems insurmountable for many prospective immigrants, tying them up in a mass of confusion which becomes a daunting and discouraging experience.

The experienced international immigration lawyers that form the highly successful and well respected core at Black Pen Immigration take all the negativity surrounding the process of immigration to South Africa off your hands, ensuring that the acquisition of the correct visas required will be a streamlined service based on many years worth of global experience in the field of immigration.

The dedicated team at Black Pen Immigration assist a wide range of clients in all aspects of individual and business immigration, offering honest and transparent guidance based on their global immigration experience and knowledge, as well as a commercial background that makes navigating the complex area of immigration to South Africa a lot simpler.

Black Pen Immigration keeps pace with all the changes and new laws that come into being from time to time, ensuring that their clients, individual and corporate, are fully protected and up to date with the latest in South African Immigration Laws, ensuring that there is no misunderstanding of the laws which could lead to serious problems at a later stage.

The Black Pen website includes a page containing a questionnaire which will enable you to determine in broad terms which type of visa you would need to apply for, and should you have any specific queries, the team at Black Pen Immigration are available to give you open and honest advice to narrow down your options.

No matter which type of visa you require, Black Pen Immigration has a wealth of experience to offer in order to unravel any red tape you may get caught up in!