Foreign truck drivers are now eligible for port of entry visas

Following a recent ruling by the North Gauteng High Court, the Department of Home Affairs has just extended eligibility for a port of entry visa in terms of section 11(1) to foreign truck drivers who are employed by South African employers.

Subject to the standard admission requirements for entering and departing South Africa at the port of entries, eligible truck drivers will now be able to cross borders into South Africa without a prior visa application. So far, this simplified admission process had only been granted to tourists from certain visa-exempt countries, such as EU member states or the USA.

The new directive is believed combat the dire shortage of professional truck drivers in South Africa and across sub-Saharan Africa faced by many long-distance haulage companies. The growing international outreach of the South African economy creates a need for 15.000 new truck drivers every year, and many South African fleet companies are struggling to recruit these numbers from the local work force alone.