A wealth of information on South African immigration visas and permits is at your fingertips with Black Pen Immigration.

With an ethos based on consistently delivering honest and informed South African immigration solutions through the use of a comprehensive understanding of our client’s needs, Black Pen’s Legal Immigration Consultancy has developed an outstanding reputation for being the partner of choice to assist you with the most up to date information on the South African Immigration Act and all regulations pertaining to the Act.

Depending on your intentions when applying for a South African visa or work permit, Black Pen is able to offer all the information you would need to make an informed decision on which type of visa or permit you will require.

In order to relocate to South Africa you would need to qualify for a temporary residence visa, and this alone is can easily become a quagmire of confusion and delays exacerbated by many incorrect interpretations of the South African Immigration Act, which ultimately also lead to unnecessary costs added to a high level of frustration.  Our goal at Black Ink is to eliminate all of these issues using our global legal immigration experience at the highest level.

If you would like to join thousands of people who come to South Africa as volunteers you will need to apply for a volunteer’s visa, which is issued for up to 3 years to those involved in confirmed non-remunerative charitable or voluntary activities through bona fide non-profit, religious or charitable organisations in South Africa.

South African based companies may apply for a Corporate visa which is necessary if they require the services of a large number of foreign employees, whether for long term or limited term projects. The Corporate visa allows a South African company to manage its human resource needs in a more practical and cost effective manner, making it a highly beneficial type of visa for corporations.

Along with the abovementioned visas, Black Pen Immigration will assist you in matching your intentions to the correct visa required, whether you are applying for a General Work Visa, Critical Skills Visa, Intra Company Work Visa or Short Term Authorisation Visa (Business Visa).

The South African and German Immigration legal team will assess your visa requirements based on your intentions in order to assist you in making the entire process easier for you, based on the sound, global experience that the team has consistently maintained at the highest level possible in the industry.