Transparency and communication offered by the South African and German Legal Immigration experts at the helm of Black Pen Immigration.

Black Pen Immigration was established to effectively assist a wide range of clients, from individuals to corporate clients, multinational enterprises as well as business immigration solutions, and to provide sound solutions delivered upon realistic expectations, based on our solid understanding of the ever changing South African Immigration laws and regulations.

With an educated and experienced background in law, our team of South African and German lawyers at Black Pen Immigration are exceptionally well equipped to make your experience in finding the right solution for your immigration needs, as well as the relevant visas and permits that will be required in a consistently honest and transparent manner.

There is no doubt that immigration regulations are complex when it comes to the r various amendments to the South African Immigration Act, which can turn into a daunting and harrowing experience that could lead to incurring unnecessary costs and frustration. The complexities and differing interpretations of the Immigration Act, or insufficient information often lead to confusion and delays in the process.

It is for this purpose that our experienced international Immigration lawyers that make up the highly experienced team at Black Pen Immigration have teamed up to assist a wide range of clients with all aspects of inbound immigration, creating a partnership in immigration that you can trust and rely on to deliver the perfect solutions to suit your individual and commercial needs.

With the combination of global experience and knowledge combined with commercial acumen, our experienced international Immigration lawyers will assist you to navigate the complexities of South African Immigration laws and regulations with ease.  Our team is committed to keeping a finger on the pulse of complex global changes and up to date restrictions in order to ensure that you will be offered far more than a simple outline of options with which to navigate possible immigration nightmares.

Our experienced team will assist you with temporary visas, volunteer visas, corporate and general work visas, as well as critical skills and intra company visas.  We will partner with you to make informed decisions on which of the various visas will allow you to apply for permanent immigration to South Africa.  We invite you to view our various questionnaires on our website to view which visa options you would qualify for, or to contact our team with your enquiries so that we may assist you with making your South African immigration and visa requirements a far less daunting experience.