Partner with Black Pen Immigration to navigate your way through South African immigration with ease.

With a top team of German and South African Lawyers who have combined their global experience and knowledge as well as their commercial acumen, Black Pen Immigration specialises in South African Immigration.  The combination of these valuable skill sets equip the members of Black Pen to assist clients as they navigate through the minefield and complexities of immigration with absolute clarity in order to make the entire process so much easier.

South African Immigration laws and regulations fluctuate and become more complex due to constantly shifting global trends making  South African immigration rise as the country grows economically.  Because of the complexities that prevail with South African Immigration Laws, Black Pen Immigration is committed to ensuring that they are able to offer the most updated solutions in line with current trends with regard to South African Visas or permits.  Our team of experts do not believe in leaving you foundering as you try to work your way through generalised outlines of the options available.

Black Pen Immigration consultancy is based on the ethos of consistently offering up to date and informed solutions for South African immigration which is delivered through effective communication in an honest and transparent manner, all of which is based on a  comprehensive understanding of each client’s requirements and the streamlining of information necessary to make your immigration needs a seamless fit.

Many individuals and employers have found themselves in dire situations while attempting to navigate through an often daunting, inconsistent and frustrating minefield of various interpretations of the South African immigration act along with its regulations and procedures. Facing the reality that South African Immigration is often a daunting, inconsistent and frustrating experience. Many individuals and employers have had to endure unnecessary frustration and escalating costs as they navigate through this constantly changing environment in trying to establish which South African visas will apply to meet their requirements, and exactly how to go about finding the best solutions.

The South African and German complement of lawyers and immigration specialists at Black Pen Immigration have combined their expertise in order to offer you the perfect partner to assist you with all your immigration needs, whether it is short term, long term or at a corporate level. We are able to create solid solutions that are delivered based on realistic expectations to make your experience as trouble free as possible.