Black Pen Immigration offers expert guidance for all South African visas and permits.

From a global perspective, Black Pen Immigration has an infinitely qualified team of South African and German lawyers who are dedicated to meeting your immigration requirements from an informed, experienced and educated background in South African immigration laws.

Our team at Black Pen Immigration are committed to assisting you through the ever changing South African immigration laws and regulations in the most direct and transparent way possible in order to make the entire process of obtaining visas and permits so much simpler and straightforward.

With the constantly shifting changes and amendments to the South African Immigration act in order to meet global trends and demands, the team at Black Pen are fully equipped to ensure that you do not get caught in a cycle of frustrating loopholes or having to jump through hoops that end up costing more just to find the correct place from which to start fulfilling your immigration needs.

Black Ink will assist you through the entire process of obtaining the necessary visas and work permits that pertain to your visit, as well as offering sound, honest advice and guidance on everything you need to start the process of immigrating to South Africa permanently.

Depending on the basis on which you plan to visit South Africa, Black Ink offers advice and services with transparent communication that will provide you with the relevant information for your specific visa and work permit.

If you are intending to relocate to South Africa, you will first need to qualify for a temporary residence visa, and in order to establish exactly which temporary residence visa you need to apply for it is essential that you outline your intentions for your application, as well as that of your family if applicable.

The South African Immigration Act encompasses the intention to work, retire or study, join a spouse or life partner as well as to reside with a relative, the intention to operate your own business as well as to visit South Africa on holiday. In order to know which of these categories will be applicable to you, you will need to have a specific intention in order to find out which category of visa you would qualify for.  These same requirements and intentions will apply to any family members as well.

Our team of experts at Black Pen will assist you to make the process of establishing which visa and permit you would qualify for once we understand your specific intentions.  We invite you to visit our website for comprehensive information on the various visas you may require and qualify for, or alternatively contact our team for expert guidance and advice.