South African Immigration Success Story 1

Successful South African Immigration 1

Immigration to South Africa can be a long and tedious process for most but, if all the right steps are taken it can be a beautiful success story.

Thomas Denzel tells us his story of how Black Pen Immigration assisted him to sail through the South African immigration process.


When did you come to SA?

In January 2016 I relocated from Germany to South Africa.

Why S.A?

I am working for a German TV network and was seconded to Johannesburg to head our South African office.


Which permit did you apply for?

 I applied for the new Journalist Visitors Visa. The time frame was quite tight (7 weeks including festive season) and it even got tighter as the authorities didn't seem to be decided which visa they actually wanted me to apply for.

How was the process and outcome?

Colleagues predicted that it would be a difficult and lengthy process that’s why they advised me to ask Nora for help. Now I am sure that was the best decision I could have ever made. Nora always knew the way: she was right in everything she said from the start and stuck to it although there was confusing information from the authorities. In the end I got my visa on time- Thomas Denzel, Johannesburg.

Nora Dawud and her team at Black Pen immigration have a solid understanding of the South African Immigration environment and are trained to address the needs of individuals and corporates alike, by creating solid solutions and delivering upon realistic expectations. Contact Black Pen Immigration for a free assessment today.