When Visiting South Africa, Things you need to know plus more information on visas for Children.

On 1st of June 2015, new requirements were instituted for folks desiring to visit South Africa, with much emphasis on children. For kids below 18 years in age, they would have to provide a proof of consent from their parents coupled with complete certificate of birth to get approval for a visa and at a port of entry. Any child under this category travelling on his or her own or with one parent is required to also produce an (affidavit) official declaration filled out by the missing parent or parents.

When a kid submits an application for SA Visa within the country or at any South African embassy overseas, all accompanying papers must be submitted before the visa is allotted. And if any kid is from a nation that is exempted from receiving SA Visas, all the secondary documents must be offered at a port of entry, or the kid will be declined entry.

NB: Necessities for admission into South Africa differ from nation to country, and are liable to change, so please make enquiries before embarking on a trip to South Africa.

Applying for a South African visa can be made:

·         Online by obtaining an individual appointment at a VFS center

·         Personally (in person) at a South African embassy or consulate in all nations where VFS centers are lacking

·         Personally at the closest South African foreign mission in another nation if it (South Africa) doesn’t have one in the traveller's home state

·         With this understood, every child applicant’s biometrics will be taken with interviews initiated where necessary, at the applicable mission or VFS center

Also note that even when all required documents are produced, the country has the right to decide person’s it feels deserving to enter or not into its territory. Getting a South African Visa guarantees that you have been adequately screened before entering the nation, and the visa provides immigration officials the details they need to make sure you are admitted to the country for the correct reason and duration of time.

Lastly note that getting a South African visa doesn't ensure you admittance to the nation but only allows you to take a trip to its port of entry, where an immigration personnel will check that you fulfill the basic requirements for entry into the nation.

Necessary documents to procure the visa includes,

·         A valid passport

·         A completed Form as is applicable

·         Payment of the prescribed visa fee

·         A yellow-fever vaccination certificate where is applicable

·         Documents endorsing the purpose and period of visit

·         Two color passport photographs

·         Air Ticket

·         Amongst others as applicable