What you should know about South Africa Business Visa

The South Africa Business Visa is one of the most favored forms of visa as the country loves foreign direct investments for the good of her citizens and the economy overall. It is actually one of the very popular options and choice for immigrating to South Africa.

In this article we will be sharing the popular frequently asked questions about South Africa Business visa category.

Question: When is it necessary for applying for a South Africa Business Visa?

Answer: This is necessary if you are a foreigner that intends to do the following:

·         To own all or part of a business; or

·         To establish a business; and/or

·         To be involved in the operations of any business

Looking at any of the points above, these are the most appropriate reasons for applying for business visa for the intended reasons of your migration to South Africa.

Question: It is a known fact that several nations require immigrants to invest a certain amount of money when considering starting a business. Does this requirement also pertain to South Africa too?

Answer: Yes, it does pertain to South Africa as well and an applicant is required to have at least R5 million in cash available to invest in the proposed business venture. Also the business investment would have to be made in the first two years of instituting and running the business.

Question: What else is an applicant required such as other necessities he or she should be aware of?

Answer: The country’s immigration regulation specifies that sixty percent of the workforce involved in the tasks of such business must be South African citizens or permanent residents. The South African government puts in this requirement in the bid to first and chiefly give its citizens prior opportunities for employment in their home fatherland.

Question: What if someone goes on to do a business he or she finds viable and then apply for the visa?

Answer: This is unacceptable as an applicant is required to have the requisite visa before he or she can legally undertake any such business activity.

Question: What if applicant’s partner is a South African, does he or she still need a business visa?

Answer: Absolutely YES as stated he or she must obtain the visa before he or she can legally undertake any business activity in the country.

Question: What is South African business visa validity?

Answer: The temporary business visa is valid for 3 years, and interestingly when such visa has been approved, applicant can further apply for a permit for permanent residency.

Question: Good, I have been approved of a business visa, but would I be able to come with my spouse or kids to South Africa and can my spouse work with me in the proposed business?

Answer: Of course YES. They can come with you to the country but they must apply for other appropriate visas. And your spouse can work with you in your new business in South Africa in as much as you have received an endorsement on your spousal visa to undertake any work.