Want to Work in South Africa, Some Hints on SA work permits

If you genuinely want to work in South Africa and have the right skill set to function professionally in the country - then you will need to apply for South Africa work permit.

Even if you have been provided a job in the country whilst you are overseas, you sure do need a permit to work in the nation.

Requirements for work permits in South Africa are liable to modifications thus every application is treated as a distinct case.

How do you get adequate information in applying for a South African work permit?

·         You should make enquiries before travelling to South Africa

·         You can also visit the Department of Home Affairs' information on work permits.

·         You can contact VFS Global.

·         And if you are in South Africa, locate your nearest Department of Home Affairs office.

·         Also find out where to apply in your home country.

·         You can contact Home Affairs contact center: +27 11 461 9252 (overseas callers), 0800 60 11 90 (inside SA), or email them at   csc@dha.gov.za

Note also that there are various types of temporary residence permits with regards to working or doing any business in South Africa. Check out the following work permits as issued on application:

·         Quota work permit: This is geared for economic development purposes and this is to address skills shortages in certain professions, such as technical skills, engineers amongst others.

·         General work permit: This is issued to foreign persons with wide-ranging qualifications that anticipate working in South Africa.

·         Exceptional skills work permit: Meant for highly skilled or exceptionally qualified foreign persons that desire to work in South Africa.

·         Intra-company transfer work permit: This is offered to folks that are being transferred by their existing establishment to work in a South African subdivision.

There are some degrees of employment prospects in South Africa, predominantly for the country's large reserve of unskilled and semi-skilled workers. Hence work permits will usually not be issued to folks that follow jobs for which there are already adequate people available to meet South Africa's requirements – chiefly unskilled and semi-skilled workers.

Work permits are a form of provisional residence permit, allotted on request to candidates who intend to visit South Africa for lengthier than 3 months but less than 3 years.

Note also that your spouse and kids may need South African visas if they are to go with you to the country. They will all be provided with temporary residence permits on entrance in the country. They can also apply for work or study permits before leaving or once they are in South Africa.