Very Vital Details for Study Permit South Africa

Studying in South Africa is a good venture and because of its quality education system, folks across nations all over the world are found in its various colleges and universities.

However to enjoy the benefits of becoming a student in South Africa, an intending student must seek for South African Study Permit.

South African Study Permit is simply a form of required permit provided to foreigners anticipating to take up studies in South Africa.

With South Africa visas new law in this regard as effective since May 10th 2015, intending applicants are needed to apply in person at the South African mission. Below are specifications of Documents to be submitted during application:

·         A correctly done application form sign up by candidate

·         Passport that is yet effective for no less than thirty days upon conclusion of studies

·         Two passport photos

·         Authenticated copy of birth certificate

·         Evidence of medical report

·         Radiological report such as x-rays

·         Full criminal background check report and police clearance credential from all nations candidate existed since age 18 in space of one year or more

·         Evidence of health analysis such as health insurance

·         A Round trip flight ticket

·         Official note from the school in South Africa authorizing acceptance and duration of the course

·         Evidence of finance in the form of bank statement and certified letter from applicants parents affirming financial responsibility

·         In place of student that is a minor, a certified letter of consent from the parent is also obligatory

·         Non-refundable application fee where stated     

For every candidate under the age of 18 years, the following will be applicable:

·         A full-length birth certificate

·         Evidence of physical address and phone number of adult person living in South Africa that is acting or has taken up the responsibility to act as the applicant's guardian, including an assenting letter from that guardian, and evidence of adequate financial means accessible to the student while in South Africa.