The Relaxed Immigration Laws of South Africa

Recently the South Africa immigration laws were relaxed with the move well accepted in its favor and applauded by its industry role players and leaders.

In this regards for the relaxed Immigration Laws of South Africa, the ensuing recommendations were promulgated:

·         In nations that there are no South African missions, the Department of Home Affairs in that country is permitted to receive South Africa visa applications via post. Furthermore, the biometrics of the intending travellers shall be initiated on arrival at ports of entry. And this practically translates that foreign immigrants would no longer have to submit any of their visa applications to travel to South Africa in person.

·         To make easy the process of South Africa visa applications for folks and businesses in nations such as China, India and Russia.

·         Foreign immigrants seeking to travel with minors to and from South Africa would henceforth no longer need to produce unabridged birth certificates but rather the basic original birth certificates will serve the purpose for the visa application process.

·         Necessities concerning unaided minors will remain, like providing duplicates of the ID papers or valid passport and visa or permanent residence permit of the individual that is to take delivery of the unaided minor.

·         Itinerants from visa exempt nations will be counseled to have an evidence of relationship and consent from the absent parent or guardian in situations where such need for proof is demanded on arrival. The Department of Home Affairs shall also inaugurate legal instrument for this class of travellers.

·         South African minors will still be permitted to travel with an unabridged birth certificate, consisting of parental particulars.

The Department of Home Affairs will do the following to facilitate this:

·         Execute the taking of biometrics at ports of entry, beginning with a pilot at Tambo, Cape Town and King Shaka airports.

·         Look at presenting Endorsed Tourism Company Programs for countries like China, India and Russia.

·         Deliberate and consider a long-term Multiple Entry visa for a time surpassing three months and up to three years for regular travellers for business summits, business individuals and academics.

·         Proprietors shall provide letters confirming authorization for children to travel on school tours.

·         Lengthen the validity of the parental approval affidavit to six months.

These relaxed immigration laws are set to optimistically make it stress-free for foreigners, especially tourists, to travel to and from South Africa without hassles.