General Requirements for South Africa visa for travelers from all nations of the world

Before you can apply for a South Africa visa, an intending traveler is required to first have his or her own country Immigration passport (with validity of at least thirty days after the intended stay). As a citizen and resident of your country, you are permitted to apply for your immigration passport online or go to the nearest Immigration office in your country state or city.

You should be aware that there are various specific visas peculiar to a traveler’s intention of travel and for folks looking at traveling for long periods – they can opt for long term visas. However you must have a very genuine purpose for your long term stay.

Logically, the very popular sort of South Africa visa is the Visitor’s or Tourist Visa. This is a kind of visa provided for temporary short term visits and such reasons for visits may be to go visit a family or friend, for some vacation or holiday, business, studies, conference or training, and a transit visa – which is for simply passing via South Africa to another country. Also we can consider other forms of short term visas such as official and diplomatic Visas, which are usually allotted to Government officials.

The following are basic South Africa Visa Requirements:

·         A valid International Passport

·         2 identical passport size (45mmx45mm) photographs on white background revealing only a complete face

·         Application Form completed in black ink only

·         Copy of passport data page and copies of prevailing visa and previously issued visas

·         A Self introductory letter with a physical address and contact phone number

·         Introduction or Recommendation note from an Employer

·         Confirmable hotel reservation and bookings

·         A copy of international vaccination card i.e. yellow fever card for nations required of

·         Proof of financial status normally a 6 months recent bank statement or financial aid note from employer with also 6 months bank statement in a situation where the Employer is backing the trip.

·         For candidates travelling on a business, they are required to affix a letter of invitation of training or conference, etc. from a South African Corporation with complete details of the Establishment’s approved physical address and phone numbers

·         Birth Certificate papers for minors or kids travelling with parents

·         Marriage Official document where appropriate and if the proposed stay will be for more than 90 days.

     South Africa Visa Processing

South Africa visa application process time should be around six working days after application submission BUT from experiences, it may take more than such duration as certain visa applications may require more processing time that exceeds longer than the specified six working days needed for routine processing and it is also contingent on your travel time from the period you submit your application. If an applicant is intending to travel within a week of submitted application, it is probable he or she may be attended to earlier with visa ready for collection before a person whose travel date is a month away, even if both categories of applications was submitted the same day.