Basic Insight into South Africa Corporate Visas

South Africa corporate visa is one of the valued visas the country provides for applicants interested in doing business as a corporation with power to employ foreign employees. This corporate visa can only be offered to South African registered organizations or its branches and it delivers the privileges to hire larger numbers of staffs from abroad, all under the dispatch of one application.

The Corporate Visa is offered to corporate applicants to enable them to hire overseas workers that will take up employment for the corporate applicant for a limited period of time.

This application is meant for corporates in need of a specified number of foreign workers and this has to be proven that the overseas required employees are needed as against the basis of insufficient number of South African citizens or permanent resident holders that are capable of taking up those certain roles within the business.

Note however that corporate visa is not a clear cut invitation to recruit en mass from overseas for purposes such as low-cost labor. The corporation seeking this has to provide also in its application thorough job reports and the proposed salary with regards to each employee. The corporation will also need to offer proof of the exact job necessities to show the skill sets needed as well as illustrate the recruitment efforts they have engaged to try and find residents to fill their openings.

With this in mind, the corporate visa role is to safeguard appropriately qualified South Africans from being biased within the local job marketplace, whilst giving companies the genuine need to seek large numbers of staff from abroad.

Once a successful application has been made, upon receiving the corporate visa - a company may proceed to recruit people that fulfill the parts stated within their corporate visa application by means of allotted corporate staffs certificates.

To apply for work visas on a regular basis may not be in the best interest for any company. With the Corporate Visa permitting your establishment to achieve consent from Home Affairs to recruit a certain number of overseas employees to fulfill certain roles over a predetermined period of time, this visa may be an attractive option for businesses and is great for you if you fall into this category in South Africa.

In the new immigration law instituted in June 2014, the measures for a corporate visa application has become a bit more complex thus important for applicants of such to get professional guidance on the option as an inappropriate decision may put one in austere human resource problems, not to mention wasted money and hindrances. Consult a qualified immigration service firm on this to your success!